The Value of a Copywriter

The Value of a Copywriter

The quality of your website copy can mean the difference between the success and failure of your website. If you’ve commissioned a design firm for a user friendly, responsive, modern site, then you need to make sure that included in the price is the services of an experienced copywriter. It’s essential that the copy on your site is written to grab the reader’s attention and invite them to read on to find out more about your business. Copywriters are trained to communicate detailed information in the most effective way; they do this with passion, flair and confidence.

The aim of your website is to promote your business and stimulate interest in your products and services. Strategically delivered words will motivate your website visitors to follow the call to action. Well written copy fulfils the goal of engaging your website visitors and converting them into paying customers.

Furthermore, an experienced copywriter will work alongside your web designer to ensure vital keywords for SEO purposes are employed correctly. There is no point in having a fabulous website if no one can find it! Optimised copy with keywords cleverly weaved throughout will get the attention of search engines.

Copywriters love words. In particular, they adore literary techniques and get very excited at any opportunities to employ alliteration, assonance or anaphora. Their commitment to the love of words is the secret behind the outstanding copy they will compose for you. The use of metaphors, similes or juxtaposition may not be obvious to your website visitors but these practices are just some of the methods employed by a skilled copywriter to engage your readers. Well written website copy will engross an audience with quality, well thought out text that flows well and delivers your marketing messages.

So go on, make a copywriter’s day, and ask them to compose some sharp, unique, engaging text for your website.

Deborah Sheppard

Copywriter SVS Web Design