Remodelling and Renovation

Remodelling and Renovation

We all know a makeover can boost moral but getting the balance right can be tricky. Remember the shocking rejuvenation of Renée Zellweger last year – too much? What about the presence of Jeremy Corbyn during his first appearance as leader – too little?

Breathing new life into your website can be the same as a personal makeover. You need to create a uniqueness that makes you stand out whilst maintaining core principles. Anything too radical may alienate your current customers, however, staying the same means you may get left behind. It doesn’t matter how many boundaries you plan on breaking, always remember the goal of guiding your site visitors through the path of awareness, consideration and ultimately purchase of your products or services.

Finding a web designer who can deliver a customised solution to meet your unique business goals is your hardest task. Start your search by looking at their portfolio of work, this gives a true representation of what they can do. Arrange a meeting to hear their professional opinion but more importantly make note of whether they listen to you. Can they custom design something to meet your individual needs? You’ll know if it feels right.

The emerging generation have never known life without a world of digital connection, growth has been exponential. Over the years trends have appeared and disappeared (think flash animation). There is one constant: You only have seconds to grab your visitor’s attention so think about the audience for your product or service, what they want and how to communicate with them. If your company name doesn’t say what you do, make sure your logo or tag line does. Developing a website that will ultimately be you calling card is vitally important to get right. Furthermore, with a growing mobile market it’s crucial to make sure your website is responsive to whatever device and browser it’s being viewed on.

So, you’ve sorted your logo and tag line and your new site will be fully responsive, but how can you ensure your website text spurs the anticipated action? Engaging with your intended audience, employing poignant and persuasive text that communicates your personality and panache is the key to success. What you say is just as important as what you sell so employing an experienced copywriter to write and edit your website content will ensure you snare an audience. Furthermore, they can work wonders with your keywords and SEO. Copywriters can make the difference between success and world domination and they should be paid an astronomically sized salary (hope my boss is reading this).

When you’ve found a web design firm that can build you a unique, innovative, responsive website, either from scratch or redeveloping what you currently have, then arrange an informal meeting. Use the time to discuss your business, your aspirations and possible design ideas but more importantly to decide if you like the look of what they do and the way they do business. Whether you’re looking for the radical rejuvenation of Renée or the understated tousled look of Jeremy, make sure that they are the firm you want to deliver a creative, unique, well designed, website to arouse interest and promote your business.

Deborah Sheppard

Copywriter SVS Web Design