Are You Savvy With Social Media?

Are You Savvy With Social Media?

The digital market place moves quickly. With this comes the need for small businesses to identify solutions to meet the needs of consumers who run their day to day lives via their mobile device.

Social media has transformed the way businesses inform, persuade, educate and remind customers of their products and services. The rise of social media has been rapid and in our digital world it’s important to leverage its power as a marketing tool for your business. Utilised correctly social media can become a cost effective and efficient channel for communication and engagement with clients and customers.

Always remember your ultimate goal: connect, converse, convert. A business that focuses on building a relationship with their customers will be rewarded. Use your social media platform for maximum impact and ensure that all communication is providing your potential customers and clients with valuable information; treat it as your virtual sales team.

For budget conscious small businesses social media can provide room for both proactive and reactive marketing. Give some thought to how you communicate; fill your posts with customer centric information but also invite input from your customers. Establish two way communication and display the distinctive ethos of ‘helping not selling’. Always respond promptly to viewer’s comments to build your reputation for prioritising customer relationships. If you’re launching a new product build anticipation via your social media with a vibrant and interactive teaser campaign. Reward your followers with a chance to win products or services.

Building an online community takes time and effort but the rewards can be significant with loyal followers who readily share your marketing messages. Utilising social media as a cornerstone of your marketing strategies will ensure you generate valuable exposure for your company. In a consumer environment where your potential customers can learn, interact, investigate and make purchases online it’s essential to establish a broadcasting platform via social media.

Deborah Sheppard

Copywriter SVS Web Design